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When I started Time 4 Seniors it was with the idea of helping senior citizens remain independent. Of course, independence is defined differently for each senior citizen. But it’s more than independence. Young or old, we each want more of something we can’t have. That thing is time. We want more time to do things; and to be able to do work and errands in less time. That way we can have more time for family, friends and the things we most enjoy. The seniors we have been blessed to work for need help with the little things; all those things we take for granted. It can be as simple as unscrewing a jar of peanut butter, or more complicated like driving a car. Time has a way of robbing us of our youth, slowly eroding our physical prowess and ability to keep a daily schedule. When the little things become unmanageable, people need help. Helping, yes, but let’s be sure to add respect and dignity. No one likes to admit they’re slowing down or can no longer drive to the corner grocery store. I have found it best to let my clients do as much as they can and help only when they ask for it. To do otherwise is an affront to their independence. Often, they will tell me what they can and can’t do. Respecting their judgment helps the senior establish his or her boundaries and the caregiver then knows when to step in. The dignity is inherent, because they have been treated like an adult and not a child. By helping our seniors with respect and dignity in the little things we can give each more time to be independent, however they choose to define it. That is the chief goal of Time 4 Seniors, with respect and dignity helping seniors remain independent.

We offer an array of services to help seniors remain independent.

A partial list includes:

  • Transportation for errands, meals, special occasions and doctor appointments;
  • Companion Services;
  • Light Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Personal grooming;
  • Meal preparation;
  • Shopping assignments;
  • Patient advocacy
  • Others (just ask)

Our primary service area is the Dallas Forth Worth market. Additionally we offer discount and referral plans.

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