Debbie Grazioso

P&D Remodeling PO Box 2348 , Middletown , NY , 10940 , US (845) 343-6390 Business category:    Adaptive Living Equipment & Accessories, Aging in Place, Bathroom Safety, Home Accessibility and Mobilization , Home Improvements, Home Maintenance & Repairs, Kitchen Safety, Outdoor Safety, Planning and Design
Area of coverage : Serving Middletown and the Entire Hudson Valley, New York

Business Description:

Debbie Grazioso and P & D Remodeling, LLC is owned and operated by Debbie and her husband Pasquale.  They are located in Middletown, NY. Specializing in residential remodeling, and with 11+ years of full-time experience, we bring quality and expertise to everything we do. We offer a wide range of remodeling services for: · The aging-in-place and accessibility market, helping people remain in their homes and enhancing their independence · The traditional bathrooms and kitchens, helping to turn your home into a place of beauty and relaxation. We at P & D Remodeling, LLC focus ourselves on providing you with the best service, whether it is a simple plan or a major project. We keep up-to-date with the latest equipment and work with innovative designers, always striving to produce the best possible ways to meet your various needs. Our mission is to have a positive effect on people’s lives with our work and our products. At P & D Remodeling, LLC we are able to deliver high-quality service with use of our value-added products, by doing our planning in advance, and by anticipating changes that might be required to fit the particular setup. That preparation and flexibility keeps us innovative and responsive to your needs. We also have products from worldwide distribution facilities.

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