Becky Pontius

Integrity Custom Concepts 58860 Executive Drive , Mishawaka , IN , 46544 , US 855-888-2366 Business category:    Adaptive Living Equipment & Accessories, Bathroom Safety, Home Accessibility and Mobilization
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As a manufacturer of quality plastic-based medical equipment and accessibility devices in Mishawaka, Indiana, we set our standards high when it comes to quality and customer service. Our products are constructed of the highest quality polyvinyl chloride resin structural tubing which will not chip, dent, crack, peel, fade, stain or sustain bacterial growth.

We customize and modify our products to fit nearly any bathroom and client situation. You can count on receiving the following:

  • Increased Bathroom Safety
  • Customized/Modified Equipment to Fit Your Needs
  • Quality Product, Craftsmanship and Customer Service
  • 5 year Limited Warranty
  • Families faced with a life change due to illness or accident find help and support with Integrity Custom Concepts. 

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