You Are Not Alone in This Journey

Now there is an Online Community to help!

At, we believe that no one should have to experience navigating taking care of your senior loved one feeling alone and unsupported. Let's face it. We caregivers are living in a daunting world. How do we really know if we are making the right decisions for our parents? There are so many things we face, and yet, if we knew what to prepare for in advance, things wouldn't be such a crisis every time something happens that we have to step in and make decisions! was created by an adult family caregiver walking the same path, caring for her mom. Because she found on-line resources so limited, she created an on-line community that will support you on your journey. We are a resource portal of answers that you need most, not only to learn what the issues are that you need to face, but even more- finding the local businesses that you can work with in your own local community.

We know that even though Mom & Dad may or may not be in Retirement Living, being supported on-line as their family caregiver is a lot more than a referral service. It is our hope that here, you will find resources in your decision making process that makes your world just a little bit easier. We also realize that today in the present economy through housing market prices falling, that seniors are spending longer at home, and thus, that means you have more on your plate with Mom & Dad and worry even more about their safety and care at home. That's why we provide resources here, for every day life, that helps make your job a whole lot easier.

Becoming the caretaker for our parents can be one of the most distressing experiences of a lifetime. Yet, it can also be one of the most life-changing and precious times too. Changing the dynamic between parent and child is complex. Trying to ensure that our parents age happily is often difficult and sometimes overwhelming. There are usually legal issues, medical problems, logistical nightmares, and, more and more often, financial concerns. This places overwhelming stress on the adult child, who often times is trying to juggle a family, children, relationships and a career.

We understand. Our Founder has walked the same path as you.

Our Vision is a resource portal and soon will be featured on radio, designed specifically to connect adult caregivers of elderly parents with information and also with each other.

Through a full spectrum content of resources including professional experts, on-line support, a local directory and a social network of people facing similar challenges, we provide the platform to share wisdom and experience with each other.