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  • I do believe that as hard as it is, that there will continue to be times like I experienced that even when you think you have “forgiven” others, that those feelings are once again revived. We have incidents like I did on the radio program where these emotions that we once had are triggered, and we begin to feel the pain and heartache one more time again. We can find ourselves spinning in circles and angst over and over again.
  • I have never met a caregiver who doesn't struggle with accepting the reality of the situation that faces her. I don't think it's a bad thing. In fact, I think it's how you get through the long days...the dark nights and the moments that frighten you to the point of paralysis.
  • Today, thankfully,many options are available to aging parents and their adult children. Private sector in-home careservices and innovative projects in faith communities are making an enormous difference to individual families who are trying to “figure it out.”
    Home Care
  • “Gehman Remodeling is about building beautiful homes and meaningful relationships. Our community knows us as an A-to-Z design and remodeling business, but I think our customers refer us to their friends and loved ones because they know we’re not just invested in the project, but in them as people”

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